Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

 Praising God for the amazing healing I’m experiencing.

I was released from the hospital later today and now am home with Paula.

The palm cross(image above) that Pastor Jan gave me prior to surgery was a physical connection with the healing power of the resurrected Christ.  I held it while sleeping, had it in bed with me during my hospital stay – it was a continual reminder of Christ’s presence in and with me.

Parsonage with windmills - low res

On last Sunday after worship, the congregation of Northlawn United Methodist Church had the opportunity to take a lawn windmill, say a prayer for me, then place the windmill in the front yard of our home (left image above). It was and continues to be a powerful on-going healing experience for me.  So I took one of the windmills with me to the hospital.  I had it put within my sight (right image above).   It was a continual reminder of the congregations continual praying for me.


Because of the surgery, I had to stay flat on my back for 24 hours.  Paula suggested I was like “Flat Stanley” (www.flatstanley.com) so that got us laughing and it stuck.  It was then a Flat Stanley countdown that everyone participated in.  One would think that lying on your back for 24 hours would be slow torture.  But thru the quiet of the night while I played music I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit in powerful ways. The 24 hours were light and joy filled.  The daytime portion of the 24 hours brought Healing conversations with hospital staff, Pastor Jan, the chaplain, and Paula.  Healing in every meaning of the word.

Even the mundane and annoying hospital items such as urinals, became functional, useful implements of my healing.   I especially appreciate the laughter and fun the nursing staff had with me with the bed pan.

I’m home now – ready for the continued healing God has for me – healing of spirit, body, mind



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