Life Giving!


 We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other.  (1 John 3:14)

Front Door w Prayer Sticky Notes - low res

Once again, the loving prayers of the people of Northlawn UM Church are overwhelming, in a positive way.  Paula took me out for a ride after she returned from worship on Sunday.  We returned home to discover prayer sticky notes covering our front door.   Words fall short of my thankfulness for the congregations prayers. I experience God’s presence in and around me, bringing life!  Not simply life defined by having a pulse, but joyful, abundant, free, and full life.  During those moments that my energy is gone, I’m cannot sleep, or when I wonder if I am really getting better I simply remember that you are praying for me.  I am able to experience life thru God’s presence again.  Your prayers continually empower me to “pass from death to life”!



I continue to journey into  abundant, healed, whole Life because of Paula’s never ceasing love.  She fed me while I was in the hospital on my back for 24hrs, she has taken up all of the duties around the house as I am unable to do even the most basic chores(vacuuming, moping, picking stuff up off the floor, loading dishwasher, taking out the garbage/recycle containers, etc) due to my restricted movements while I heal.  She takes me out for a ride in the car.  She even purchased a three foot long shoe horn (image above) which allows me to put on my slip-on shoes; I cannot reach down to pull them on .  Paula’s help through actions is an outpouring of her loving me from the depth of who she is, even when I’m cranky and demanding – Christ-like love.  Paula’s unending love pulls me further and further into Life in Christ:  free, whole, abundant, joyous.  


Enjoy this song by the Greensky Hill Indian Mission United Methodist Church Women’s Drumming Group ( Bii Mahd zee ahn )

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